The most fun a 4-5 year old can have on 2 wheels! The moment when they 'GET IT' and can actually balance on a bike is a very special moment.

The stabilisers have gone and so have the peddles, the only option is to balance the bike on 2 wheels. 

Yes, it's tricky but with the right guidance and support from experienced staff, most children do 'GET IT'!

Balance Bike Training

A totally playground based course that is lively, informative and a whole lot of fun.  Children don't even realise they are learning how to balance as they ride through crocodile swamps, bubble storms and animal farms.

The end result is 60 happy children who are normally ready to move onto a real bike.

This training really works and gives the children the skills and confidence to balance and ride a real bike.  For those who don't quite 'GET IT', it still gives them a fantastic start on how to balance on a bike and the enthusiasm to continue to learn.