Our training has been specially developed to provide children with the knowledge and skills necessary for independent journeys. Parents often fail to set good examples for their children when crossing the road or teach their children how to cross roads safely.  

The main causes of child pedestrian accidents are used to form the basis of our training.  So we teach them the following information:

How to stop, look, listen and think properly especially at junctions and around parked cars

The safe use of pedestrian crossings and traffic islands

The dangers of dashing out and being in a hurry

The importance of making yourself seen around parked vehicles and in poor lighting conditions

The most common types of pedestrian distractions 

The basics of distracted driver behaviour

Pedestrian Skills Training

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All this information has been carefully crafted into an active road side training program with the expert help of teachers and training professionals.   

It involves every child, they do not just stand and listen, they form part of the training ensuring a highly memorable experience that changes the way children think about their walking journeys.   

This all happens on the roads and pavements where the children will be walking to school.  There is no better way to prepare them for safe independent journeys to school.  They finish their training safer, smarter and more confident children.

All our training fits perfectly with initiatives required for schools to complete their STARS accreditated School Travel Plans.

We also provide links to worksheets, support material and surveys to reinforce the learning outcomes of this training.