Pedestrian Skills Training

Both In Person and online training are interactive, involving and engaging every child, to ensure a highly memorable road safety experience that changes the way children think about their  journeys.   

The online resource incorporates video of the roads and pedestrian crossings close to the school, which the children will be familar with. 

In Person training uses the same locations and crossings but the children can fully participate in the safe decision making at the roadside. 

Children finish their training safer, smarter and more confident children.

All of our training fits perfectly with initiatives required for schools to complete their STARS accreditated School Travel Plans.

We also provide links to worksheets, support material and surveys to reinforce the learning outcomes of this training.

In person and Online training formats now available.

Our training has been specially developed to provide children with the knowledge and skills necessary for independent journeys. 

The main causes of child pedestrian accidents are used to form the basis of our training.  

  • How to cross safely using the principles stop, look, listen and think.

  • The correct use of pedestrian crossings.

  • The dangers associated with being late.

  • The importance of being seen in poor lighting conditions.

  • The most common types of pedestrian and driver distractions