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Walking is a simple and fun way to travel, but many children make mistakes that result in them getting injured.  On road training is the best way to educate youngsters and reduce accidents.  Children are actively involved in the training and are encouraged to think about the dangers and practice making the right decisions to ensure that they stay safe. This training involves finding a safe place to cross, mistakes made by drivers and pedestrians, how to cross at junctions, parked cars and the dangers of driveways.

Learning to ride a bike has never been easier.  A lively and fun playground based activity teaches children the balance skills required to ride a bike. Groups of 10 children at a time participate in games, obstacles course and mini adventures to start them on their way to becoming a safe, confident little cyclist. This fun balance bike training helps children aged 4-6 improve their balancing, gliding, stopping and turning skills.

Safer than cycling and faster than walking, scooting is the way to travel if you are aged between 4 and 10 years old.  For2Feet Ltd. were one of the first companies to offer scooter training after identifying that children were being injured on their scoot to school.  Children are trained in groups of 10-12 and are taught about braking, pedestrian etiquette, pavement obstructions, crossing roads, parked cars and driveways.  This training  gives children the experience of being trained in the playground and on a risk assessed pavement around the school.

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How can you get road safety education across to every child in a school?  A lively interactive roleplay based show that uses many props to create a realistic roadside setting in a school hall environment. We introduce fresh ideas to encourage safe and active travel. Children get the opportunity to act out different driving and pedestrian scenarios and learn how to keep themselves safe. We feel its important to share these messages to the whole school, so each school is offered 2 shows, one for KS1 and one for KS2. 

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