It's impractical to take every child in the school out onto the roadside to provide them with Road Safety education,  but the next best thing is the road, pavement, pedestrian crossings, cars, drivers and road users all come to the school hall.  It's as real as you can get with the children involved right from the start driving the cars, operating the pedestrian puppets and bringing the street show alive.

Children learn by being involved and this show makes the children the stars of the show.

They learn the most common mistakes that drivers and children make when using the roads. It's fresh thinking, interactive, fun, lively and highly memorable.  It teaches simple techniques that really work and make children safer and smarter when out on the real road. 

2 different shows are offered to ensure the whole school receives these important messages, one for KS1 and one for KS2 with no maximum number of children per show.

Road Safety Shows

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And yes there are chickens, dragons, zebras and cars.  Are they real?  Well, with a little imagination the whole show brings these characters to life in an educational show that will be the talking point of the school for weeks. 

We also provide worksheets, support material and surveys to reinforce the learning outcomes of these shows.