Scooter Safety Training

Faster and more fun than walking, safer and cheaper than riding a bike.  It's no wonder that scooters are now one of the most common types of transport for children aged 4 to 10 years. However, with an increase in usage comes an increase in accidents.

For2Feet were one of the first organisations in the UK to create a unique training program aimed at reducing the number of scooter accidents.

Training is designed for children in Primary School years 1 to 2. 

​The main causes of child scooter accidents are used to form the basis of our training.  

  • How to check their scooter is safe
  • What to do if they get tired
  • How to slow down, stop and deal with an emergency situation
  • Pavement etiquette with pedestrians.
  • Common pavement dangers and hazards 
  • Cars reversing from driveways
  • Road crossing with a scooter

All this information has been carefully crafted into an active playground and roadside training program. 

Training is lively and fun with the majority of the training taking place on the pavements where the children will be scooting to school. 

All our training fits perfectly with initiatives required for schools to complete their Modeshift STARS accreditated School Travel Plans.